Steps for obtaining a motorised quadricycle licence

1. Register for our motorized quadricycle course

Fill in a registration form to sign up. We will contact you to set a schedule for driving lessons.

2. We will create a personal training plan for you and take care of the driving licence permit application

For obtaining a driving licence, you need a driving licence permit from Trafi. Ajovarma, Trafi's service provider, processes driving licence permit applications. If you do not already have a driving licence, you must attach 2 passport photos with your application - no other attachments are usually required!

Submitting a driving licence permit application is easy to do by visiting your local Ajovarma office. As the application takes one to two weeks to process, submit your application well before your 15th birthday.

3. Take part in theory lessons

Helping our learners to become safe drivers also plays a major role in our motorised quadricycle training. That’s why we offer, in addition to the legal minimum requirement, a range of packages from which you can select the suitable number of lessons. All our motorised quadricycle courses include a 4-hour safety training, which serves as the official start of the course.

Driving school always kicks off with theory studies.

4. Take the theory test

You can take the theory test at your nearest examination location. You can take the theory test no earlier than one month before your 15th birthday. You must apply for a driving licence permit and complete the 4-hour safety training before taking the theory test. Take a photo ID, consent signed by your guardian and a certificate of instruction and examination (form E100) with attachments with you to the theory test, and be prepared to pay for your driving and theory tests.

The driving school books you a time for the theory test and provides you with a form for a guardian’s consent (ask at least one of your guardians to fill it in!) and a certificate of instruction and examination (form E100) with attachments.

5. Take part in driving instruction

You can start driving instruction after you have completed the 4-hour safety training and turned 15. Driving instruction is always designed on the basis of the package selected by the learner and customised to meet the learner’s specific needs. Our professional instructors take care of your tuition!

6. Take the driving test

As with the theory test, the driving test is taken in an examination office. You can take the driving test after you have passed the theory test, completed the driving lessons included in your course and turned 15.

Take an ID and a certificate of instruction and examination with you to the driving test. If you pass the test, you will get a temporary driving licence. Your final driving licence will be sent to you later by post.