Welcome to CAP-Driving School!

We offer driving license training from the following locations! Call us or email us so we will consider you the most appropriate training.

Course always begins with theoretical training. You can start the online theory at any time from Monday to Thursday, from 14:00 to 20:00, by logging in to your learning environment. The network theory service closes at 21.00.

CAP Driving School Espoo

050 566 0559 email: espoon.keskus@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Helsinki Hämeentie

040 142 7212 email: helsinki.hameentie@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Helsinki Itäkeskus

044 746 9902 email: helsinki.itakeskus@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Helsinki Kamppi

050 566 0559 email: helsinki.kamppi@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Helsinki Malmi

040 0720 405 email: international@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Lahti

040 142 7244/a> email: lahti.aleksi@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Oulu Raksila

050 310 8100 email: oulu.raksila@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Oulu Tuira

050 440 4004 email: oulu.tuira@cap.fi

CAP Driving School Tampere

040 142 7966 email: tampere.hervanta@cap.fi