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Risk recognition training (RTK)

Risk recognition training (RTK), also known as Risk training, is training required by law for anyone obtaining their driving licence at a driving school or with an instruction permit.

RTK includes four hours of online theory training and four hours of driving instruction, two of which are taken with the driving school’s car together with a driving instructor and two with a driving simulator (slippery road conditions and driving in the dark).

Risk recognition training (RTK)

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Additional services

Purchasing and completing the risk recognition training

Choose the course that suits you and sign up for the training with the registration form. After this, we will contact you to schedule the risk recognition training driving lessons and go over the training process.

If you are completing an RTK course as part of instruction permit instruction, order the more comprehensive Instruction permit instructions to your email here.

Driving school always kicks off with theory studies.

The instruction includes two (2) driving lessons with a simulator to practise driving in slippery road conditions and driving in the dark. We will book these after you sign up. You will receive a text message confirmation of the simulator driving lessons with the PIN code for the lesson. Follow the instructions during the simulator lessons.

Please contact our customer service to book driving lessons, unless they have been booked in advance by the driving school. The course includes two (2) driving lessons with the driving school’s car together with your own driving instructor. In particular, the driving lessons will strengthen the ability to identify and avoid dangerous situations in traffic and factors that may increase the risk of accidents by reducing the driver’s ability to drive.

For an additional fee, you can complete all driving lessons with a real car and complete track practice on the driving practice track.

After completing the risk recognition training, you will receive a certificate of the completed course, which will be delivered to Ajovarma either before taking the driving test or to renew an existing driving licence.

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