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Terms of Agreement

The Terms of Agreement that the student accepts during registration.

Cancellation policy and service costs in a nutshell

Order cancellation condition and contract formation

By placing an order on the website, the student and any other payer have accepted the terms of the order, such as the obligation to pay, cancellation procedures and official contract terms. The contractual relationship is considered to have been established between CAP-Group Oy and the customer and the payer from the order confirmation.

The order must be paid in full before the driving test (if the order leads to a degree).

The 14-day right of cancellation without costs in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act:

  • starts with receiving the order confirmation by e-mail
  • applies to courses leading to a driving license or driver exam
  • expires when the student starts using the ordered service
  • does not apply to content delivered solely digitally, such as the First Driver’s License (EAS) course, because the user IDs are activated after registration and thus the execution of the service starts immediately

After the right of cancellation has expired

When canceling the order or the studies, the student is obliged to pay the cancellation fee and the charge for the lessons received, according to the price list. If the total price of the purchased service is less than the cancellation fee according to the price list, the cancellation fee is equal to the price of the service.

Additional costs that may arise during the contract 

Uncancelled driving lesson

If you have to cancel a driving lesson, it must be done no later than 12:00 on the previous weekday. After this, a cancellation price will be charged for canceled or unused driving lessons (in the simulator €49, driving or simulator with a teacher €89). In cases of illness, we do not bill for the reserved times, if the student submits a sick leave certificate to the driving school within 7 days of the cancellation. The certificate is sent for Invoicing via Turvaposti (more information on the customer service page).

Location transfer

When enrolling, the student has chosen a CAP Driving School, where they will complete the course. A change to another location is possible. The related practical measures and schedules are agreed on a case-by-case basis. The driving school has the right to charge a service fee for the student’s transfer to another location, according to the current price list.

Other costs not included in the packages

Course package prices do not include:

  • official fees to Ajovarma
  • additional driving lessons and other separate services
  • the use of the driving school’s vehicle retaking the driving test
  • possible damage payments

Payments for additional driving lessons and other separate services according to the current price list. The driving school price list can be found at

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