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What happens on a moped course

1. Sign up for our moped course

Sign up for a moped course.

You will receive instructions and credentials for the learning environment in your e-mail the next day at the latest. After this, we will call you to go through the basic guidelines and agree how to schedule the driving lessons.

Right after registration, it is advisable to install the CAP app on your phone. The CAP app will guide you through the course, and you can use it to book driving lessons.

2. Apply for a driving licence permit

To obtain a driving licence, you need to get a permit, issued by Traficom. The driver’s license application is made at Ajovarma, a service provider of Traficom.

If you don’t have a previous driving licence, you will need to submit two passport photos as an attachment to the license application – in most cases, no other attachments are needed! If you have a previous driving licence, a handwritten signature is sufficient for the driving licence application. However, this is a good time to change the updated photo of yourself on the driving licence.

Talk to your doctor about the need for a medical certificate if you have or have had any of diseases, injuries or symptoms that affect your driving health.

It’s convenient to apply for a driver’s license electronically in Traficom’s service, which can be done under certain conditions. Check the terms and go to Traficom’s electronic service.

You should apply for a permit right at the beginning of the course. Driving lessons can begin even before applying for a driver’s license permit, but you need the permit to book a theory test.

You can apply for a permit at the earliest at the age of 14 and it is valid for three years.

3. Start with theory lessons

The moped course starts with theory lessons. Online lessons are spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English.

All theory classes are conducted remotely, as online training. Log in to the learning environment with credentials that we always send no later than the day after registration. In the learning environment, you also practice for the theory test.

The theory lessons of the moped course consist of four hours of EAS training (i.e. Ensimmäisen Ajokortin Suorittajan koulutus, the training for candidates for first driving licences). Online lessons are spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English.

4. Take the theory test

You can take the theory test at the nearest examiner’s office (Ajovarma).

A driving licence permit must be applied for and the four-hour EAS training included in the theory lessons must be completed before taking the theory test.

Communicate with the driving instructor or the driving school staff to agree on who will book the theory test. If you book the test yourself through Ajovarma’s booking service, inform the driving school. This way we know to book the handling test and any remaining driving lessons immediately after the approved theory test.

You can take the theory test one month before you turn 15, at the earliest.

The guardian’s consent form can be requested from the driving school or Ajovarma, or you can print it yourself. Ask at least one guardian to fill out the form!

To the theory test, you must bring a photo ID, a guardian’s consent form (at least one guardian’s permission), an EAS certificate (the certificate can be found in the student’s learning environment). Also, prepare to pay for the exam.

5. Taking your driving lessons

If the moped course you choose includes traffic driving lessons, you can start them when you have completed all four theory lessons (EAS training) and you have turned 15 years.

We will contact you before starting the driving lessons. Driving instruction is always fitted to the package you have selected and tailored to serve you best during the first driving lesson. Our professional instructors take care of you!

6. Take the handling test

The handling test is carried out at a place designated by the examiner (Ajovarma).

You can participate in the driving test when you have passed the theory exam and completed the driving lessons according to your course, and you have reached the age of 15.

The handling test includes slow driving, gate and emergency braking sections.

In the handling test you must have the proper safety equipment: helmet, jacket, protective long pants, gloves and footwear, which you can get from your CAP Driving School.

Please note that the handling test is demanding and you should only take it when you really feel you are ready for it. Learning handling skills is individual and the feedback you get from your instructor is a valuable indicator of whether you need more practice before taking the driving test.

When going to the examination, you need:

  • Valid identification
  • E100 form (certificate of instruction received) from a driving school. The certificate for a course student are taken care of by the instructor on departure for the driving examination. If you handle the certificate by yourself, you need to print the relevant certificate yourself.
  • Make sure that you have paid for the handling test via the payment link you received at the time of booking. If the payment has been made well in advance, you do not need a payment receipt with you.

After a passed examination, you will receive a temporary driving license. The final driving licence will arrive later in the mail.

Now you are ready to continue learning independently, driving safer every day. You can still contact the driving school if you feel that you need more lessons, for example after a long pause or if you want additional confidence in some aspect of driving.

Sign up for a moped course

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