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Risk recognition training instruction process

1. Sign up for risk recognition training

Sign up for a course with the sign-up form. After this, we will contact you to schedule the driving lessons together.

2. Complete theory lessons and simulator driving lessons

Driving school always kicks off with theory studies.

The instruction includes two (2) driving lessons with a simulator. We will book these after you sign up. You will receive a text message confirmation of the simulator driving lessons with the PIN code for the lesson. Follow the instructions during the simulator lessons.

3. Complete driving lessons with a car

The course includes two (2) driving lessons with a car. In particular, the training will strengthen the ability to identify and avoid dangerous situations in traffic and factors that may increase the risk of accidents by reducing the driver’s ability to drive. For an additional fee, you can complete the slippery road conditions driving practice on a driving practice track if it is possible in your location. You can confirm this with your local CAP Driving School.

4. Certificate

Once the course sections have been completed and the course fee has been paid, you can print out the certificate from your learning environment (Webauto). You can also ask the instructor for the certificate if you complete your driving lessons after the theory lessons.

Deliver the certificate to Ajovarma either when taking the driving test or renewing an existing driving licence.

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