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The A1 motorcycle licence allows you to operate motorcycles with a maximum cubic capacity of 125 cc and a maximum power of 11 kW. In addition, you must be at least 16 years old.

The other motorcycle classes are:

You will get everything you need for obtaining your light motorcycle licence from us:

  • Versatile driving lessons that will prepare you for the driving test and real-life situations
  • High-quality online teaching and electronic learning material
  • A practice program for the theory test
  • Advice and service in every stage of obtaining your licence

A light motorcycle is an excellent choice for young people looking for more freedom of movement who are interested in lighter two-wheeled vehicles. Light motorcycles are efficient vehicles that are equal to other vehicles in traffic, including motorway speed limits. We want to invest in teaching safe and proactive driving skills. Those who are completing their first driving licence have a lot to learn about traffic rules and how to handle a motorcycle. Select a package that provides you with the required skills and preparation.

At CAP, we practise with modern and safe motorcycles. As the largest driving school chain in Finland, we always have access to up-to-date bikes and equipment.

How to complete a light motorcycle licence course in CAP Driving School:

1. Sign up

Sign up for the A1 light motorcycle course by choosing the training package that is best suited for you. After signing up, you are provided further information about completing the training via email. You can sign up when you are about to turn 16.

2. Complete the EAS theory lessons online

The course includes four (4) hours of training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), which is completed online. You do not need to complete the EAS theory lessons if you already have a driving licence of any kind. You can complete the online theory lessons at your own pace with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone almost immediately after signing up.

The theory lessons are completed in an electronic learning environment where you can also practice for the theory test. When you have passed the EAS course, you will be provided with a certificate required in the theory test.

3. Complete driving lessons

You need to complete at least five hours of driving lessons to obtain an A1 licence. However, this is only the minimum amount required by law. Everyone should ensure that their handling skills and knowledge of traffic rules are in order. It is recommended to use this opportunity to train as much as you need in the driving school. Additional driving lessons are available for each training package at the special price of EUR 79/h.

4. Pass the driving examination

The examination consists of a theory test and a driving test, which also includes a motorcycle handling test. You can take the theory test one month before you turn 16 after you have obtained a driving licence permit. You can take the driving test and obtain a driving licence once you have turned 16. It is possible to take the driving test with a motorcycle and approved driving equipment provided by CAP.

You can pay for the motorcycle licence in instalments

You can pay for the course either in one instalment (by invoice or e-banking payment) or pay with SVEA financing. Read more about the payment methods.

Our customer service is at your service in every situation

We will guide and help you in every stage of obtaining your light motorcycle licence. In addition to a driving instructor, our entire customer service team is at your disposal via a chat and by phone. We will quickly answer any questions you might have.

Select the right A1 light motorcycle licence package for you, sign up and start studying today:

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