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Moped licence AM120

The moped course can be started 6 months before the student turns 15, but the theory test can be done one month before reaching the required age. Driving lesson and the handling test can be done at the earliest at the age of 15. It is recommended to start the course well in advance of reaching the required age.

We offer a comprehensive range of different moped licence courses for beginners and more experienced drivers.  

Check out our course packages, choose the one that suits you and sign up! If you have any questions, please contact our customer service – we are happy to help you find the moped licence course that suits your needs. 

Success Guarantee: Enroll in a moped course in Pälkäne and we guarantee your success!* If necessary, you can retake the moped handling test free of charge!

* = This offer is valid for registrations made by February 12, 2024, and can be utilized throughout the entire 2024 riding season. The offer only applies to moped courses that include at least one driving lesson. The guarantee does not cover official fees or the fee for retaking the handling test.

Do you need a driving lesson? 

Getting a licence requires a compulsory training for learners completing their first driver’s licence (EAS training). However, for your own safety and to develop your driving skills, we recommend choosing a package that includes driving lessons in addition to the EAS training. This will help you learn the skills needed for the handling test and road traffic, as well as applying traffic rules in practice. 

EAS training Moped course (AM120)


You can also pay in installments

The course includes the EAS theory lessons online and the theory test practice programme, but no driving lessons. EAS training is also included in all our moped courses that include driving instruction.

Service languages:

  • Finnish,
  • English

Moped licence course process  

After registering and choosing a payment method, you will receive an email with your login credentials to our e-learning environment, and you can start your theory studies right away.

After registering, we recommend that you immediately submit an application for a driving licence permit to Ajovarma. You can apply online or at Ajovarma’s office. See how to apply for a driving licence permit here.

All our moped courses include 4 hours of online theory instruction. You can complete the online theory lessons at your own pace on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone almost immediately after signing up.

The theory lessons are completed in an electronic learning environment where you can also practise for the theory test.

The online theory lessons are mostly available from Mon – Thu from 8.00 to 22.00 and Fri – Sat from 8.00 to 16.00.

Once you have completed the EAS course and paid the course fee, you will find the EAS certificate on your own website in the Webauto. You need it for the theory test.

You can complete the theory test at any Ajovarma vehicle inspection station when your driving licence permit is in order and you have completed the theory lessons in the EAS training.

When you choose a moped licence course that includes driving lessons, you will complete the driving practice with your own driving instructor. After you have signed up, you will get instructions on how the driving lessons are scheduled. Driving lessons are not organised during winter. Teaching will begin as soon as the weather permits.

You can complete moped driving lessons only after you have turned 15 years old. For each moped licence course, you can purchase additional driving lessons as individual lessons or packages as needed.

Starting points for driving lessons

By moped
  • CAP Driving School Pälkäne
    Onkkaalantie 67 LT3

Slow driving, gates, emergency braking and walking of the moped will be performed during the moped handling test. The duration of the handling test is approximately 15 minutes and does not include driving in traffic.

You will receive a right to drive (AM120) after passing the handling test.

Offical fees

Driving licence permit (Traficom e-Service)
24 €
Handling test
32 €
Theory test
40 €
Retry of handling test
32 €
Driving licence permit
39 €
Oral theory test for health reasons
40 €
Oral theory test 60 min.
107 €

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