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Light quadricycle licence (AM121) 

Are you interested in obtaining a light quadricycle licence? We offer a comprehensive selection of different light quadricycle courses to find the right one for you. 

Check out the different courses and sign up. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service – we are happy to help you find the light quadricycle licence course that suits your needs! 

Courses and prices

Choose the location to see all the available courses and prices!

First, choose the preferred CAP Driving School to see all the available courses and prices.

Do you need more practice? 

Purchase individual driving lessons or additional driving lesson packages. 

We recommend purchasing additional driving lessons as needed. Discuss the need for additional driving lessons with your driving instructor. To ensure that your driving lessons are not spaced too far apart, you should purchase a package that includes more driving lessons to begin with. This way, a sufficiently compact package of driving lessons can be booked immediately.

Light quadricycle course process

Sign up for light quadricycle driving school by choosing the package that is best suited for you. After signing up, you are provided with further information about completing the light quadricycle course via email. You can also inquire about the most suitable course for you from our customer service.

After registering and choosing a payment method, you will be emailed the credentials that you use to log into the electronic learning environment and start theory lessons.

We recommend that you apply for a driving licence permit from Ajovarma immediately after signing up. You can apply online or at Ajovarma’s office. See how to apply for a driving licence permit here.

The course includes four hours of online theory instruction. Complete the theory lessons at your own pace on a phone, a tablet or a computer. You can start the theory lessons almost immediately after signing up. 

The online theory lessons are completed in the driving school’s electronic learning environment, where a practice programme for the theory test can also be found. As a general rule, the online theory lessons can be completed on weekdays until the evening and during the daytime on Saturdays. When you have passed the EAS course, you will be provided with the certificate required for the theory test. 

The theory test is taken at Ajovarma’s office once you have completed the EAS theory lessons and received a related certificate. 

When you choose a light quadricycle package that includes driving lessons, you will complete the driving lessons together with a driving instructor. After you have signed up, you will get instructions on how the driving lessons are scheduled. 

You can complete light quadricycle driving lessons only after you have turned 15 years old. You can purchase additional driving lessons for each light quadricycle package at the special price of EUR 89 / lesson. However, we recommend purchasing a package in order to complete the lessons as quickly as possible.

Complete a 45-minute driving test in traffic with a light quadricycle. The examiner will assess your ability to handle the light quadricycle, deal with traffic and plan your driving. 

You will receive the right to drive (AM121) after passing the driving test.

Offical fees

Driving licence permit (Traficom e-Service)
24 €
Driving test
74 €
Theory test
40 €
Driving licence permit
39 €
Oral theory test for health reasons
40 €
Oral theory test 60 min.
107 €

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