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CAP Driving School Ylivieska

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Contact information

Contact information

Office services in Ylivieska

Location-specific appointment bookings and cancellations, as well as matters related to exams.
Invoicing service opening hours.

Nationwide customer service

Common issues related to driving license or driving school courses

Address and opening hours

Office services

Rautatiekatu 15
84100 Ylivieska
Mon - 27.5. Toimisto poikkeuksellisesti suljettu
Wed -
Fri -

Starting points for driving lessons

By car
  • CAP Driving School Ylivieska
    Rautatiekatu 15
  • Sievi monitoimihalli
    Jussinmäentie 2, Sievi
  • CAP-Autokoulu Ylivieska tai Sievi monitoimihalli
  • Tarmo lähikauppa Sievi As.
    Kauppakatu 19, Sievi
  • Raudaskylän Kristillinen opisto
    Opistontie 4, Ylivieska
  • S-market Alavieska
    Keskustie 3, Alavieska
By moped
  • CAP Driving School Ylivieska
    Rautatiekatu 15
By motorbike
  • CAP Driving School Ylivieska
    Rautatiekatu 15
With simulator
  • CAP Driving School Ylivieska
    Rautatiekatu 15
Office's services

Additional driving lessons

Individual driving lessons for all driving licence categories.

Driving ban training

Complete the driving ban training prescribed by the Police for the driver, conveniently as an online training.

Instruction permit

Everything for a smooth teaching with instruction permit: mandatory studies and additional services.

Moped and light quadricycle

Courses for moped and mopedcar instctions. Driving lessons from spring to autumn and theory lessons throughout the year.


Courses for all categories of motorcycle license - including upgrade courses.

Passenger car

Get your driver's license at a driving school or with a instruction permit. Modern teaching methods that produce results.

Services for maintaining driving skills

Services for senior drivers and other courses related to driving license maintenance: e.g. driving tests, driving ability assessments and a driving test ordered by the police.

Tractor and all-terrain vehicle

Courses for mopeds, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.


Eveliina Tallila

Sales assistant
041 731 7471

Mauri Repo

Driving teacher
040 142 7200

Olli Repo

Driving teacher
040 142 7201

Henna-Mari Heikkinen

Customer service manager
044 755 9015

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