CAP Driving School mobile app: new and easier way to track course progress and book driving lessons!

Why should you download the CAP Driving School mobile app?

The CAP Driving School mobile app is your online guide on your journey towards obtaining a driver's license. The app, available both on Google Play and App Store smoothly guides you along your learning path and keeps you updated on your overall situation in real-time. The application has been developed for students aiming for a category B driving license.

You will find your upcoming driving lessons in the driving lesson calendar. You can book new driving lessons yourself at a time that best suits you. The app will tell you which driving lessons you have already completed, and what you still need to complete. If you have any questions, you can contact our national customer service quickly using the app.

The app not only tracks the progress of your driving lessons, but also guides you through your theoretical studies. You can quickly see what you have already practiced and what is still to come. Through the app, you can easily complete the next online theory lessons or theory test exercises and level tests.


What can you do with the mobile app?

With the mobile app, you can book all your simulator lessons. Once you have completed your first level test in theoretical studies, you can book yourself the first driving lesson. On the driving lesson, you and your responsible teacher will go through what would be the ideal driving training pace for you, after which you can book more driving lessons using the app.

With the mobile app, you can book all driving lessons except for the last driving lesson and the practice driving test. The last driving lesson and the practice driving test will be booked together with your responsible teacher.

You can book driving lessons on weekdays between 08:00 and 18:00, while simulator lessons can be booked between 08:00 and 20:00. Driving lessons can be cancelled 36 hours before they start. No charge will be carried on driving lessons cancelled in good time (previous working day, by 12 noon). The app/Mobile app will let you know when you have your next driving lesson. The app also tells you if you have any open invoices.

CAP Driving School's mobile app will keep you on the map at all times! Enrol in the driving school and download our mobile app. You can log in to the app with your Webauto credentials, which you will receive shortly after enrolment.



With CAP Driving School's mobile app, completing a driver's license is easier than ever before. The theoretical part can be studied completely online and the app will guide you in completing the course.