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BFDL* is a safety training that is compulsory for obtaining a driving licence of any category if you do not have a previous licence. Usually BFDL is conducted together with a moped or passenger car licence.

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You only have to do the BFDL training once, meaning it is not required if you have already done it previously. The training is included in all courses, offered by CAP Driving School, so you do not have to purchase it separately.

The BFDL training does not include any driving instruction. If you are getting a licence for a moped, motorised quadricycle, quadricycle or tractor, we recommend that you sign up for a course that includes some voluntary driving instruction in addition to the BFDL theory:

If you only need the BFDL theory lessons, sign up for the course at the bottom this page.

(* In Finnish, the training is called “Ensimmäisen ajokortin suorittajan koulutus” and it is also referred to as "EAS training" or "safety training".)

Passenger car licence with a driving instruction permit?

If you are about to obtain a driving licence with a driving instruction permit and you do not have any previous driving licence, you must attend the BFDL theory lessons at the driving school. Please find all of our services related to driving instruction permits here.

A instruction permit student must complete the BFDL training prior to starting driving instruction. They must have a certificate of completing the training with them during instruction.

(A passenger car licence completed in a driving school will always include the BFDL training.)

This is how to complete the BFDL training:

1. Sign up for a BFDL course

Sign up for a BFDL course with the sign-up form. After signing up, you are provided further information about completing the training via e-mail.

2. Complete the theory lessons online

The course includes four (4) hours of online theory instruction. You can complete the online theory lessons at your own pace with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The theory lessons are completed in an electronic learning environment that also allows you to practise for the theory exam of the driving licence category that you are completing.

3. Certificate

Once you have completed the safety training, you will be provided a certificate of completing the course.

Sign up here and complete the BFDL already today:

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