Steps for completing the risk recognition training


1. Register for the risk recognition training

Fill in a registration form to sign up. We will contact you to set a schedule for driving lessons.

2. Complete your online theory studies and simulator lessons

Driving school always kicks off with theory studies.

The instruction includes two (2) driving lessons with a simulator. We’ll book these once you have registered. You’ll receive confirmation by text message, which also contains a PIN code for the simulator. Comply with the instructions provided during your simulator lesson.

3. Complete driving lessons in a car

The course includes two (2) driving lessons in a car. The goal of the training is to strengthen your ability to recognise and avoid dangerous situations and factors that increase risks in traffic by affecting driving ability. For an extra fee, you can take all your driving lessons in a car and to complete your track training on a track.

4. Certificate

Once you have completed the risk recognition training, you will obtain a certificate which must be given to Ajovarma when you go for your driving test or in order to retain your right to drive.