Do you need a licence for driving a quadricycle, tractor or snowmobile?

Quadricycle card, tractor card or motorised quadricycle licence? On this page we explain how to obtain the right to drive the correct vehicle.
Obtaining the right to drive a quadricycle, tractor or snowmobile starts with completing the BFDL training intended for people applying for their first driving licence. Then, you must pass either a category T or AM121 test. The required driving licence category depends on the category of the quadricycle or tractor displayed on the registration certificate. For a snowmobile, you always need a category T licence.

T licence = tractor licence and AM121 licence = motorised quadricycle licence. This means that there is no separate quadricycle licence.

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Vehicle category Required licence Driving test Theory test
Category T1a and T1b vehicle T no yes
Category T2a and T2b vehicle T no yes
Category L6e-A light on-road quad AM121 yes yes
Category T3b vehicle AM121 yes yes
Category T3a vehicle T or AM121 yes, if AM121 yes
Snowmobile T no yes

Driving a category L7e-A- or L7e-B vehicle requires a passenger car licence (B). Category A1 and B licence also include the right to drive category T vehicles.

The test for category T and AM121 licence includes a mandatory theory test and category AM121 also requires a mandatory driving test. Neither of these licence categories require mandatory driving instructions in a driving school, but we recommend packages that include a few voluntary driving lessons.

BFDL theory lessons are mandatory and they are conducted online. BFDL lessons are included in all packages that we offer. In addition, all of our packages include a theory exam practice programme and an electronic learning environment.

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  BFDL training – choose this if you do not wish to take any driving lessons at the driving school schoolYou are completing a category T or AM121 licence and you only want to do the mandatory BFDL training at the driving school. Includes a theory exam practice programme.

  AM121 training – choose the motorised quadricycle course, if you want to take 1–6 voluntary driving lessons with a light quadri-mobile mobileYou are completing a category T or AM121 licence and want to complete some voluntary driving lessons at the driving school in addition to the mandatory BFDL training. Includes a theory exam practice programme.