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Motorcycle licence A

Interested in a motorcycle licence? From our motorcycle course selection, you are sure to find the right course for you, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced driver. Our friendly and professional driving instructors will be there for you throughout your driving practice.

If you are not sure which course is right for you, let our customer service staff help you – we are happy to help.

What is an A-class motorcycle licence?

The category A motorcycle licence allows you to drive all motorcycles without power restrictions. In addition, it allows you to operate with their towable vehicles. You must be at least 24 years old, or 20 years old if you have had a valid A2 licence for at least two years. When operating more powerful two-wheeled vehicles, it is particularly important to pay attention to safety and responsible driving skills.

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First, choose the preferred CAP Driving School to see all the available courses and prices.

  • Diverse driving lessons

    In driving lessons, we practice motorcycle handling and driving skills in a variety of ways. This is how you prepare for the driving test and real-life traffic situations.

  • Efficient theory lessons

    You can easily complete the theory lessons and theory test practice online when and where it suits you best.

  • High-quality driving equipment

    At CAP Driving School, you will always practise with modern and safe motorcycles and high-quality driving equipment.

A motorcycle course process

Sign up for the A light motorcycle course by choosing the training package that is best suited for you. After signing up, you are provided with further information about completing the training via email. You can sign up when you are about to turn 24.

The course includes four hours of training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), which is completed online. You do not need to complete the EAS theory lessons if you already have a driving licence of any kind. You can complete the online theory lessons at your own pace on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone almost immediately after signing up.

The theory lessons are completed in an electronic learning environment where you can also practise for the theory test. When you have passed the EAS course, you will be provided with a certificate required in the theory test.


You need to complete at least five hours of driving lessons to obtain an A licence. However, this is only the minimum amount required by law. Everyone should ensure that their handling skills and knowledge of traffic rules are in order. It is recommended to use this opportunity to train as much as you need in the driving school. Additional driving lessons are available for each training package for EUR 89 / h.

The examination consists of a theory test and a driving test, which also includes a motorcycle handling test. You can take the theory test one month before you turn 24, after you have obtained a driving licence permit.

You can take the driving test and obtain a driving licence once you have turned 24. It is possible to take the driving test with a motorcycle and approved driving equipment provided by CAP Driving School.

Offical fees

Driving licence permit (Traficom e-Service)
24 €
Driving test
74 €
Theory test
40 €
Retry of handling test
32 €
Driving licence permit
39 €
Oral theory test for health reasons
40 €
Oral theory test 60 min.
107 €

Do you already have an A1 or A2 licence?

You can upgrade your A2 licence to an A licence if you are at least 20 years old (or an A1 licence if you are at least 24 years old) and you have had a valid licence for at least two years.

Looking for another motorcycle licence category?

A1: A1 licence, or light motorcycle licence: maximum cubic capacity and power of 125 cc and 11 kW, age limit 16 years. Sign up for an A1 licence course. 

A2: A2 licence: A2: maximum power 35 kW, age limit 18 years. Sign up for an A2 licence course. 

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