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Passenger car course B

Is it time for a driver’s licence? From our selection of passenger car courses, you are sure to find the right one for you. Check out our courses and sign up. You can start the course right away!  Online lessons are spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are happy to help.

Choose the location to see all the available courses and prices!

First, choose the preferred CAP Driving School to see all the available courses and prices.

Passenger car course process 

Check out our diverse range of driving courses and choose a suitable one for you. Our customer service can also help you choose the best course for you.

After registering and choosing a payment method, you will receive an email with your login credentials to our e-learning environment, and you can start your theory studies right away.

We recommend that you apply for a driving licence permit from Ajovarma immediately after signing up. You can apply online or at Ajovarma’s office. See how to apply for a driving licence permit here.

Driving school always kicks off with theory studies. All theory lessons are carried out online, so you can complete them when it suits you best. The online theory lessons consist of a written section, instructional videos, pictures and practice exercises (i.e. level tests). Online lessons are spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English.

There are a total of eight theory lessons, but if you already have a previous driving licence (e.g. a moped licence), there are only four theory lessons.

Your first driving lessons will also be booked for you in connection with the theory studies. The lessons will be carried out in either a passenger car or adriving simulator, depending on the course.

At the start of your driving lessons, you will get a designated instructor. Your first driving lesson will be booked together with your driving instructor.

Driving simulator lessons

Usually the first driving lessons are done with a driving simulator, so that you can get to know the controls of a car and the basics of driving. The first simulator lesson will be completed with the help of an instructor and the rest with the help of a control room. Learn more about our driving simulators.

Driving lessons

Driving lessons are always performed in an actual car. In the first driving lesson, you will start with the basics with your driving instructor and get to know the vehicle on a practical level. The driving instruction progresses according to your own development. The number of driving lessons depends on the content of the selected course package, but the minimum number of driving lessons required by law is 14. You can also purchase additional driving lessons if you and your driving instructor feel that they are necessary.

CAP Driving School mobile app

You also have access to the CAP Driving School mobile app, which serves as your guide to completing the course and booking driving lessons (read more about the CAP Driving School mobile app here).

Driving in slippery road conditions and in the dark

Practising driving in slippery road conditions is usually carried out with a driving simulator, but you can choose to complete the slippery road conditions training on a track for an additional cost. Ask our customer service for the possibility of slippery road training on a track.

Practising driving in the dark is always carried out with a driving simulator.

You can book your theory test after you have completed all the theory lessons and level assignments and submitted an application for a driving licence permit. See how to apply for a driving licence permit here.

You can book the theory test either by visiting the Ajovarma website or by calling Ajovarma’s customer service, tel. 029 534 5115.

More information on preparing for the theory test and the content of the test is available here (

The driving school always books your driving test for you. The driving test can be taken after you have passed the theory test and have completed all the driving lessons on your chosen course package (at least 14 driving lessons required by law). 

More information on preparing for the driving test and the content of the test is available here.

The driving school concludes with an approved driving test, which grants you a driving licence. If you fail the driving test, you can take additional driving lessons from your driving instructor before retaking the test. 

Why choose CAP Driving School?  

  • We offer high-quality driving instruction with the best professionals in the industry

    The goal of CAP Driving School is to improve road safety one student at a time. Over 11 000 people obtain their driving licence at CAP Driving School every year. Our professional driving instructors ensure that each of our students has sufficient knowledge and skills to drive safely in traffic.

  • We take care of our students

    We want you to have a positive and memorable driving school experience. We will help you to choose a suitable driving school course and assist you in obtaining your licence. Each of our students will get a designated instructor who will be there to help throughout the entire driving school journey. Your designated instructor will ensure that you develop into a safe driver who can rely on their skills. We know that obtaining a driving licence is often a time of uncertainty and hope. This will be taken into account by our friendly driving instructors and customer service – let’s ensure success one step at a time! 

  • You can complete driving school according to your own schedule

    It is important to us that driving school can be completed flexibly according to the student’s own schedule. You can start theory lessons right after signing up. Theory studies can be completed online, anywhere and any time. Online lessons are spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English. Driving lessons are always agreed upon together with your designated instructor. We will ensure that driving school is completed according to the mutually agreed target schedule.

  • CAP Driving School is the largest driving school in Finland – We invest in modern teaching

    CAP Driving School is Finland’s leading nationally operating driving school chain with 133 offices throughout Finland. Modern and comprehensive teaching methods and our professional driving instructors enable every student to become a skilled and reliable driver. We continuously develop our operations so that we can offer the most efficient and modern teaching methods and the most professional driving instructors in the industry. 

Every year, thousands of our customers obtain a driving licence through us. Become one of them and sign up.

Offical fees

The official costs are paid to the local Ajovarma (Traficom's road traffic licensing and examination service provider).

Driving licence permit (Traficom e-Service)
24 €
Driving test
99 €
Theory test
40 €
Driving licence permit
39 €
Oral theory test for health reasons
40 €
Oral theory test 60 min.
107 €

The %s can be completed at these locations

Alajärvi | Espoo Iso Omena | Espoo Otaniemi | Espoo Sello | Espoo Tapiola | Espoon keskus | Forssa | Grani | Haapajärvi | Haapavesi | Hamina | Helsinki Haaga | Helsinki Herttoniemi | Helsinki Hämeentie | Helsinki Itäkeskus | Helsinki Kamppi | Helsinki Laajasalo | Helsinki Lauttasaari | Helsinki Malmi | Helsinki Maunula | Helsinki Munkkiniemi | Helsinki Pasila | Helsinki Töölö | Helsinki Viikki | Helsinki Vuosaari | Hollola | Hyrylä | Hyvinkää | Hämeenlinna Kauriala | Hämeenlinna Keskusta | Ii | Iisalmi | Imatra | Joensuu | Jyväskylä Keskusta | Jyväskylä Palokka | Jyväskylä Vaajakoski | Jämsä | Järvenpää | Kaarina | Kajaani | Kalajoki | Kangasala | Karhula | Kauhava | Kemi | Kemijärvi | Keminmaa | Kempele | Kerava | Kiiminki | Kirkkonummi | Kittilä | Kiuruvesi | Klaukkala | Kokkola | Kotka | Kouvola | Kruunupyy | Kuopio | Lahti Aleksi | Lapinlahti | Lappeenranta | Lapua | Laukaa | Lempäälä | Lieksa | Liminka | Lohja | Loimaa | Loviisa | Mikkeli Savilahdenkatu | Mäntsälä | Nivala | Nummela | Nurmes | Nurmijärvi | Orimattila | Oulainen | Oulu Haukipudas | Oulu Jääli | Oulu Kaakkuri | Oulu Kastelli | Oulu Keskusta | Oulu Pateniemi | Oulu Raksila | Oulu Tuira | Oulunsalo | Paimio | Parola | Pieksämäki | Pietarsaari | Pirkkala | Pori | Porvoo | Pudasjärvi | Pälkäne | Raahe | Raisio | Rajamäki | Ranua | Rauma | Riihimäki | Rovaniemi | Salla | Savonlinna | Seinäjoki | Siilinjärvi | Sodankylä | Sotkamo | Säkylä | Tampere Hervanta | Tampere Pyynikki | Tampere Sampo | Tornio | Turenki | Turku Hämeenkatu | Turku Kauppiaskatu | Vaasa | Vantaa Kivistö | Vantaa Korso | Vantaa Myyrmanni | Vantaa Tikkurila | Vantaa Tikkurila, Tikkuri | Varkaus | Veteli | Vihti | Yli-Ii | Ylivieska | Ylöjärvi | Äänekoski

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