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We are the largest and the most popular driving school in Finland for a reason: with us, everything works smoothly. Read why you should get your category B licence at CAP Driving School

You will get everything you need for getting your driving licence from us:

  • A pedagogically superior learning experience that bears fruit: simulator exercises developed by experts and efficient driving lessons behind the wheel of an actual car with experienced driving instructors
  • Versatile driving lessons that will prepare you for the driving test and real-life situations
  • High-quality online teaching and electronic learning material
  • A comprehensive practice program for the theory test
  • Advice and service in every stage of obtaining your licence
  • Advanced teaching to make you feel secure as well as personalised VIP service if you so wish

Smooth and systematical instruction – from start to finish

We have invested in ensuring that the entire driving school, from signing up to receiving your driving licence, is a smooth experience that meets your wishes. You can start theory lessons immediately and get to your driving lessons quickly.

When you start at the driving school, you will get a designated responsible instructor who will take care of you throughout your time at the driving school, so you do not have to worry about what’s next.

We take your schedules and wishes into consideration when planning the teaching so that you are able to complete the package that you have chosen. We offer driving lessons flexibly – usually between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Take all theory lessons online whenever is convenient for you

You can take all theory lessons online on a computer or a phone wherever you want. That means that you do not have to come to the driving school.

The online theory lessons are generally available from Monday to Thursday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and from Friday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. You can do the lessons at your own pace and according to your own schedule. This means that you can start at the driving school very soon after you have registered.

In addition to the online theory lessons, you will receive self-study materials that include thousands of exercises and a theory test practice programme. Test our theory lessons online by signing up for a course.

You are in good hands at CAP Driving School

We have tailored our licence packages so that it is easy for you to find the one best suited for you. If you need help with choosing a package, you can always call our customer service or leave a contact request, and you will get professional guidance: we will find a solution. Our customer satisfaction is proven to be very high.

It is fun to get a licence at CAP Driving School and being nervous is fine! Our professional instructors will remain calm in any situation. With them, you will practise the things that might feel difficult, such as parallel parking, hill starts and overtaking. The instructors are always the ones who are responsible and all of our vehicles have the appropriate insurance. So, don’t worry and start learning!

The modern simulator training developed by CAP and our state-of-the-art cars guarantee the best learning outcomes

It is proven that you will achieve the best results for passing your driving test and learning the skills needed for getting a licence by combining the simulator training with the right amount of driving with an actual car with a driving instructor.

You will start familiarising yourself with the car and the basics of driving in the simulator with the instructor. The smooth teaching method developed by CAP reduces anxiety and makes the first drive and taking control of the car into pleasant experiences. You will learn the basics of driving more efficiently when you do not have to worry about other traffic. And when you sit behind the wheel of an actual car, you can easily start driving in traffic when you already have the basics under control.

In our simulator training programme, you can also do multiple repetitions of different challenging situations, such as a realistic evasion of a moose, and you can learn to drive in places that are not available in your city, for example large roundabouts. Practising driving in the dark and in slippery road conditions are also possible throughout the year with a simulator, which means that you will get your licence faster. Read more about the simulators.

With us, your driving instruction is done with state-of-the-art vehicles. The vehicles we have chosen to use for instruction are top-rated for safety. Most of our cars are from the amazing and nifty BMW 1 series.

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We have nearly one hundred locations

CAP Driving School is easy to access since we have nearly one hundred locations, you can check it from the mapSelect your nearest driving school and sign up for a course. Since we operate nationwide, you can continue your driving school lessons also in another city if you, for example, happen to move during your driving school studies.

Inexpensive with an option to pay in instalments

Above all, our course packages are high-quality and there is just the right amount of options available in different price ranges. Due to our large size, we are able to truly offer value for money. So, take your time to compare the contents of the different packages and choose the best package for you.

You can pay for the course either in one instalment (by invoice or e-banking payment) or pay with SVEA financing. Read more about payment methods.

Good customer service

In addition to a driving instructor, our entire customer service team is at your disposal via a chat and by phone on Mon–Thu at 10 a.m.–6 p.m. and on Fridays at 10 a.m.–3 p.m. All of your questions will always be quickly responded to. We will not leave your contact requests unanswered.

Read more about completing the B- licence course

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All packets include
  • 4 online theory lessons, which you can do at your own pace online
  • included in all B licence packages
  • only mandatory if you have no previous driving licence, but we recommend everyone to do the theory lessons as a refresher
  • 4 online theory lessons
  • 2 hours of driving instruction on a simulator
  • 2 hours of driving instruction in a vehicle.
  • Electronic learning environment
  • Electronic learning material, including online book
  • Online theory test practice
  • Office services for paperwork
  • Customer service by phone and chat
  • A designated instructor who monitors, guides and supports the learner
  • Use of a passenger car in the first driving test.
  • 1 additional driving lesson with a real car: 89 €
  • 2 additional driving lessons with a real car: 169 €
  • 3 additional driving lessons with a real car: 249 €
  • 5 additional driving lessons with a real car: 389 €
  • 1 additional driving lesson with a simulator: 49 €
  • Car and instructor from the driving school for re-taking the driving test, 90 min: 129 €