Our environmental promise (Green Deeds)


  • for training, we use vehicles with the maximum CO² emissions of 130 g/km
  • our vehicles are equipped with a start/stop system that is particularly beneficial in the varied practice driving mainly taking place in built-up areas
  • our vehicles are equipped with gear shift indicators and on-board computers
  • we use tyres of the energy class A–C
  • all our vehicles are equipped with the engine heater option, which represents an important energy-efficiency feature in the Finnish conditions


  • we emphasise economical and ecological driving techniques in all stages of instruction
  • we continuously strive to identify ways for us as a company to reduce our environmental burden and to improve road safety


  • we use simulators in driving instruction and engage in the further development of their use. To date, our simulators have been used to complete about 2,500,000 km of driving, which has helped to reduce fuel consumption by about 200,000 litres, translating into a 470,000 kg reduction in carbon dioxide emissions! Simulator training is a green choice!

Other operations

  • we sort waste generated by our operations appropriately
  • we use energy-saving lamps and avoid wasteful energy consumption
  • we minimise copying and the use of paper by utilising electronic systems 
  • we use public transport for trips exceeding 300 km
  • as a company, we bear our societal responsibility and responsibilities in the community, while taking measures to promote ecological sustainability