CAP-Group Oy’s quality policy

In line with its values, CAP-Group Oy produces training services that are a step ahead of the field and contributes to safety and sustainability in traffic via its operations.

Gaining and retaining the trust of its customers, staff and other stakeholders is important to CAP-Group Oy. The continuous improvement of quality plays a main role in achieving this goal. Our company’s operations are guided by the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our basic values are Openness, Commitment, High Quality, Sustainability and Trust. By operating in line with these values, we can create a strong foundation for our success now and in the future. The management is responsible for setting goals and creating conditions that enable operations. By setting a personal and clear example, the management builds a basis for a customer-oriented approach and continuous improvement.

Being honest, helpful and positive is an integral part of our corporate culture. In addition, we ensure that our personnel’s knowhow is up to date and that our operations are profitable and meet the highest quality criteria.

CAP-Group Oy undertakes to ensure that its products, services and operations fulfil customer-related, legal and other requirements and commits to enhancing the impact of its operations.

CAP-Group Oy’s personnel is committed to complying with the company’s quality policy. All employees are responsible for the quality of their own work and its development. Quality deviations, customer complaints and inaccuracies in the delivery process are not deemed acceptable, standard operations. In CAP-Group Oy’s internal and external processes each new work phase is built on the phase preceding it.